Mid season Premiere – WALKING DEAD’S BACK

After a lengthy wait, The Walking Dead has finally returned and I couldn’t be happier! As a staunch loved of the show, I always get giddy when it is about to return. The return was perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day and it did not disappoint in the least. The episode was beautiful, but chaotic. Much of this has to do with the un-relentless brutality of Negan.

The Bazooka Escape

The episode started off right where the preview left us. Three of our lead characters, Sasha, Daryl and Abraham, are left stranded and cornered by a man named Negan and his crew. Just when matters couldn’t get any worse, they do thanks to Abraham and his unrelenting mouth. Just when it seems like Sasha and Abraham are going to be torn to shreds, Daryl comes to the rescue, by discovering a bazooka in the fuel truck. One shot and the trio is out of harm’s way and the bikers are all, but done for.

Carol’s Premonition

The Walking Dead is truly a show, which depends on incredibly smart and witty characters. This was evident in the episode, as Carol’s premonition came true. As Sam attempts to make his way to the vehicles, while covered in zombie goo, he remembers Carol’s chilling words and becomes overwhelmed with fear. He immediately panics and things begin to spiral out of control for the scared boy. Just as Carol warned, zombies, within a matter of minutes, gobble Sam up. Our next victim is the boy’s mother, who doesn’t stand a chance.

A Confrontation

At this point, Rick is forced to react and does so in a violent manner, by chopping off Jessie’s limb and saving Carl. An inner struggle begins, as Ron pulls a gun and confronts Rick and Carl. Of course, Michonne jumps into the foray and saves the day. Unfortunately, it is all for naught. The gun discharges, Carl is shot and the poor boy loses an eye! These scenes were undoubtedly brutal and heart wrenching. This is what makes TWD so great and this episode amped up the power level beyond belief!

Glenn Goes To Church, Carol and Morgan Fight

Of course, the craziness is far from over. Glenn and Enid ransack a church, where they discover a cache of weapons. Although the pair formulates a cockeyed scheme, they continue on their way and agree that they must work together to save Maggie, which they most likely will. Also, Carol and Morgan continue on their way together. Of course, Carol wants no part of a friendship with Morgan, who everyone has come to hate. Despite the animosity the couple actually manage to dispose of the Wolf and continue about their way. Will Carol get her opportunity to kill Morgan in the future or will they rekindle their relationship?


And finally, the episode did an excellent job bringing everyone together. Once Rick got Carl medical treatment, he knew the group would stand no chance, unless they worked together. This gave him the opportunity to once again become the great “uniter” and bring everyone together. If the group is unable to stand together, they’re going to face a brutal end. Rick knows this and he seemingly unites everyone, by the end of the episode.


Although there were some cheesy and slightly easy portions of the episode, it was bloody good. Truthfully, it is just nice to see the series back! This one definitely set the pace and setup the storyline for the remainder of the season, which could be the most brutal of all. For that, it was an excellent episode indeed.